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October 11, 2005


My cousin and his wife have just returned from a visit to my aunt's family in Missouri. Did that make any sense? No. Let me try this again. My cousins have returned from Missouri where they visited family. Good enough? Good enough.

Anywho, my cousin's wife, M, is one of my favorite people. She's not much older than me and the same age as my favorite cousin, I think. Anyway, M is wonderful. I am currently working on a webpage for her new business of creating italian charms/bracelets using people's pictures. They're really neat! M is also into computers, like me. She also loves photography.
Note to self: Send her the link for flickr.

Tonight she sent out a bunch of pictures she took of my cousin's daughters. There are 3. I call them A-cubed, because, you guessed i
t, all their names begin with A.

Big A is going to be 6 in December. Wow, how time flies. I remember when she was a baby at my wedding. She slept through everything in the back pew. Even her momma in a corset. Middle A is 3, I believe. She is a hoot! All the pictures are of her posing, and I am tempted to call Tyra. "
Hello, Tyra, I have America's Next Top Model for the year 2020." Baby A is almost 8 months old. In every picture, she has a huge grin on her face. Nothing sweeter than a grinning baby.

I am dying to post the photos here, but I will refrain as I don't know what A-cubed's parentals would say about that. All I know is I wouldn't want pictures of my children put online without my knowledge, so I won't do that to her. I'm not ready to give her the link to this blog, so for now A-cubed shall remain anonymous. Maybe a few with blurred faces. I don't know.

Lest, I leave you pictureless, here is a picture of my charm bracelet. The pictures from left to right are: my maternal grandparents, my parents, me and the hubby, the in-laws, and my grandfather with his second wife. The teeny, tiny ones are pictures of my pets, my senior picture, my brother's senior picture, my baby picture, and my brother's baby picture. I tell you, she can put ANYTHING on these things. I can't wait to "unveil" her new site. Guess I should work on it.


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