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October 19, 2005

Only three days?

It's hard to believe I was only with these kids for three days. It feels like so much longer.

Today was relatively uneventful. Except when a student walked up to me and tattled, "D said fuck." Ohhhhh ummm. Hmmm. What to do... I decided to have him move his clothespin and come see me at recess. He really has trouble with appropriate school behavior, so we discussed it then. However, I was momentarily thrown by a 1st grader cursing at me. Now that's a start to the day. Oy!

We also made a book today for Regular Teacher. It was entitled, "Miss's Wedding". I put a little ditty in the front that the kids helped me write. Then each child wrote and illustrated a page that said, "I think Miss _____________ at her wedding."

Highlights that filled in the _____ were:
  • danced
  • danced silly
  • wore a pretty/sparkly/beautiful dress
  • ate cake
  • kissed her boyfriend (should be interesting since the husband is there, too)
  • got ready for her honeymoon (ohhhhh, I love the innocence)
  • played Spin the Bottle
Sniffles was his chipper self today. Maybe it was because his mom was coming into school this afternoon, either way, he was a trip. You know, now that I think about it, he strikes me as a young Mr. Owens in the making. As students are cleaning out their desks this afternoon,
Sniffles walks up to me and says in his best western accent that really isn't all that good, "You know who the best cleaner is in these here parts?"
"Who?" I ask trying not to giggle.
"ME! " He grins and walks away.

Tomorrow...THIRD GRADE!


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