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October 23, 2005

Movies, movies everywhere

My dear, sweet hubby bit the bullet and went with me to see In Her Shoes. All in all, I REALLY enjoyed the movie. It was one of the few movies I didn't instantly abhor because it deviated so severly from the book. I plan to reread the book since I read it early in the summer and have probably forgotten some parts. I also love Toni Collette and I suppose, Cameron Diaz is all right. I liked her a lot more before she became associated with Justin Timberlake. Gag. Toni Collette was in Connie and Carla and that movie is just a hoot.

Wow...had a six degrees of separation moment there.

Last night, I accompanied the Hubby to his soccer game last night. It was cold. It was pouring rain. The "fans" sit in roofed stands, or I would not have gone.

Helping him in the concession stand was also fun. I also got to meet four of his players. Freshman. Oy. They're a whole lot like the elementary school girls my mom has. They ratted the poor guy out almost instantly. Too funny.

Today we rented Robots. It was ok. Not a movie I HAVE to buy, but I'm glad I saw it. Hubby rented Kicking and Screaming for the bus ride to his away game on Tuesday. We wanted to get Man of the House too, but it wasn't in. Drat!


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