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October 21, 2005


I do believe I am getting a cold. Stupid little brats. :)

Going to make the hubby take me to get some Airborne today to see if it helps. It was developed by a teacher, after all, sounds like reason enough to try it to me.

I have just over a week to get over this. They won't do my outpatient surgery if I have a cold, will they? Just my luck, I'll end up with pneumonia again. Razzafrazzin' little kids. Keep your germs to yourself!

Hoping to see a movie today and go to hubby's recruiting game at 4. I do not want to sit outside in the cold air. Going to bundle up and hope we don't stay long.

In other news, I got my state teacher's retirement statement yesterday. In the past 2 years of subbing, I have earned 1.23 years of teaching. What a crock. Subs should get double time...hazard time...something as an incentive!


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