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October 20, 2005


Is it a sign of addiction when you find yourself scribbling funny/alarming little comments from the kids onto post-its so you remember the exact wording later?

I think it's just a sign of a bad memory. Yes, yes that's it.

Anyway, thank the Lord for 3rd graders. What a refreshing break from 1st graders! I had a minimal amount of whining, although the violence didn't decrease. What is it with children and hurting others? Sheesh, keep your hands to yourselves! The teacher I was in for today had a grandbaby at 2AM this morning, so congratulations to her and her daughter! I'm telling you, everyone is pregnant or just had a baby.

Only two disturbing/bizarre things happened today, I guess I should consider myself lucky. First, when the children came into the room they were busy putting away their belongings, turning in homework, and getting their snack put away. As I am casually taking informal attendence I hear one little girl say to another:

Girl #1: "I brought a cereal bar today."
Girl #2: "Oh, I have one too."
Girl #1: "Which one do you have?" Girl #1 shows Girl #2 her cereal bar and Girl #1 replies, "Oh, MINE'S healthier AND low-fat."

Usually, I can count on my very own set of dwarves when I teach. There's generally a Sleepy, a Happy, a Bashful, a Grumpy, more than one Dopey; however, Doc and Sneezy are few and far between. Today, I met Sneezy. This girl "sneezed" alllll morning and half the afternoon. Sounded pretty darn fake to me, but she wasn't whining about going to the office, so I let her do her thing. I even caught glimpses of her sneezing at recess. I think it's an attention thing. The teacher who was also on duty with me agreed.

Tomorrow, the hubby has ordered a day off for me. Yay for the hubby! I can only assume it is in honor of his team winning their game last night. Yay for hubby's team! We're going to a high school soccer game tomorrow afternoon and I plan to try and talk him into a movie. Saturday is a home game so I plan to go and support the hubby.

Then I volunteered to help him and three of his players man (woman) the concession stand during the men's game. The players are all freshmen. Oyyyyyyyyyyyy. The game should be quite interesting though as there were 12 (TWELVE!) cards issued at the last game including a second yellow/red card to the head coach. I believe there are 3 players and the head coach sitting out this game. I always miss the good games!


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