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September 15, 2005


Things are...well, they just are right now.

I had my appointment today with the new family doc. I really like her. She is young, upbeat, and like just about everyone I see...pregnant. Let's just start at the beginning of the laundry list. I guess I should be grateful I am alive?

Still going to be taking the glucophage for the diabetes stuff. My something or other number is 7.5 and they want it at 7, 6.5 would be even better. But 7.5 isn't too bad (my dad's was 11 when he was first diagnosed, mom's was 8.5). Like I said, they want it down though. I also signed up for diabetic education class. I figure, why not, I can always learn something new.

Let's see. My blood pressure was 142/102. See what 4 bcp a day does to me! The doctor figures, just to be safe, she is going to put me on some high blood pressure meds. Luckily, she gave me a bunch of samples for that. Oh and she wants me to take a baby aspirin every day. So I got cherry ones. Find the perks where you can.

I have hyperthyroidism (high thyroid levels) so she said she wants me to see an endocrinologist ( more $$$$$). Since hyperthyroidism can be a little more tricky than hypothyroidism. She mentioned something about radiation on my thyroid . I have an appointment with the endocrinologist on November 9th.

She also said my liver functions were slightly high. She thinks that is just because of the untreated diabetes, but she is having me get some hepatitis checks next week with my bloodwork just in case. Not too concerned as my levels were really minimal. (30-40 points over...so mine was around 100 and hepatitis patient's levels are in the 1000s) It occurs to me tonight, AFTER the appointment, that maybe it is related to the Advil I have been taking. I've been taking anywhere from 8-12 to 4 Advil EVERY day. Duh.

Oh, she said my cholesterol was pretty good all things considered. However, I think its too high and knowing hubby's is too high and heart disease runs in his family, we are going to work on nipping that in the bud. No more chicken fingers and french fries for the hubby. (He is so not going to like this.)

Other than that, I made another appointment with the ob/gyn because the problem is still there and raging. So, I plan to ask her about the D&C. Get it over with so I can be normal. That is unless things continue to be a problem while I am taking 4 a day. Hopefully, they will stop today (sometimes it takes a few days to get things controlled again).

Ironically, I have to work two days next week for a teacher who is getting a D&C. They are admitting her. Scares me half to death, but I want to feel better. I need to feel better. Hubby has me on "depression watch" (pardon me, while I roll my eyes) but sometimes I think he is right to worry. I'm lucky to have such a good hubby. Someone remind me to tell him how wonderful he is when this is all over.

There...more information than you probably ever wanted to know. Aren't you glad I shared?


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