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September 08, 2005


Well, I worked for the first time this year yesterday afternoon. (Woohoo!) You know, it was actually very nice to be back. I walked into the second grade classroom and faces lit up.

"I remember you from kindergarten and first grade!"

Sigh. Yep, entering year three with no permanent job prospects. But that's ok...it's a brand new year and I am determined to be the chipper, gung ho, ready to do anything sub that they NEED to hire. The teachers at Mom's school would hire me in a heartbeat if they had the choice and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Can someone please remind me of that in January when I am once again depressed? Thanks!

I scheduled an off morning today because I had to go to my new family doctor (who is in the same office as my ob/gyn) and get some blood drawn. I am convinced I have no blood left to draw! After successfully avoiding the removal of MY blood (it's mine, mine, mine - I need to work on sharing) for 24 years, I have had blood drawn four times in two months. Egads! They're trying to make up for it in one year! You would think that since I am no longer petrified at the thought of that needle going into my arm that I would be quite ready to sign up to give blood. NOPE! Let's not get overzealous.

Finally, my mission. Tonight is the hubby's FIRST home soccer match. How dare they schedule it on a school night!? Hubby knows and agrees with my early to bed motto on school nights. His next game is Sunday and I will definitely be at that one. What hubby doesn't know is... I am coming tonight too. It's his first home game. This weekend was rough (two bad losses) and I want him to know I support him. Of course, if they lose tonight too, I may begin to believe I am bad luck and never attend another game. Jokingly he asked me last night if I wanted to come and announce at the game. Uh. Heck no! That would be way too close to public speaking which I don't do (teaching is different).

Can't wait to see his face!


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