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September 13, 2005


Oy vey. I love the school with just kindergarteners. Honestly, it's adorable, especially this time of year when they are all still a little nervous.

Last week, the secretary at the school called me and asked me to come in as a floating sub while the classroom teachers administered the Dibels test and the nurses did hearing/vision screenings. They needed me for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Well, it turned out to be Thursday afternoon as I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday.

So I went in today prepared to spend an hour in each teacher's room. Well, forty minutes into the first class, the teacher returned and I was off! I was in 5 classrooms before lunch! Four more classrooms after lunch.

Good news: They finished all their testing today! Yay!
Bad news: They finished all their testing today; they don't need me the rest of the week. Drat!

It was also nice to "meet" every kid in the school in one day. Now everyone has met me with their teacher present (and they know their teacher expects them to listen to me). I only have about 300 new names to remember.

Of course, I shall share some of the more interesting ones:

River (boy)
Dallas (girl)
Essence (girl)
Jazzy (girl)
Charley - Not so weird, I went to school with a Charley Anne

Ohhhhh the list could go on...

Still no word on the Cleveland job. Still not sure I want it. Actually, convinced today that I DON'T want it. I love subbing in my current district. I love that the teacher's know me and the principals and secretaries know me. I love that the kids know me! Of course tomorrow could be a different story.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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