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August 24, 2005


Gyros. Corn dogs. French fries. Hamburgers. Kettlecorn. Fresh lemonade. Fried vegetables. Candy apples. Caramel bananas. Cotton candy. Hawaiian shave ices. Fried oreos!

Yes, Mom and I went to the fair today. Ohhhhhh the fair. Considering I wait ALL YEAR for fair food, I think I did well on my diet with only a gyro, half a small fry, some iced tea, and a few handfuls of kettlecorn (Mom is divving that up so I will have some to enjoy all week). It was delicious! Usually I feel like Templeton from Charlotte's Web after a day at the fair, but I managed to control myself.

Hubby and I are going to try and go Friday afternoon when he gets home from work. I am worried about how crowded it will be. But hey, worst case scenario, we leave. I've already been there! It was nice to peruse the fair and see what things I definitely want hubby to see and if there is anything I want to purchase when I go back.

The only thing I may want to check out again is the italian charm stand. Afterall, I have 18 charms to fill in on my bracelet. I've decided to be extremely picky about my charms though, because after I get it filled, then I am done. What will I do then? I do have my heart set on a Virginia Tech charm. Just have to find one on Ebay that I like and that isn't $24. $24!!! Are they insane!?

Tomorrow is my doctor's appointment. So far, things are pretty good. The weening of the pill has been a rousing success (almost sounds dirty, doesn't it?). Now, I'm just hoping for a diagnosis, a plan of attack, and somewhere to get my medicine that won't cost me $36 a month! Sheesh! Plus I want some reassurance it won't get bad again and if by some strange reason it does get bad again, I want a plan of attack that does not include going to the mean hospital. I would like to be some semblence of normal again. P.S. I don't like the pill. It makes me cranky (that's my story and I'm sticking to it).

In other news, my father called last night to read me the add from the paper about all the county schools needing substitutes. He really wants me to pick up more than one school district. Even though working one district allows me the free time I want/need and I work enough to get a good reputation in the district. Family relations may have a little bit to do with that. Anyway, it lists all the things you need to bring in order to be a sub for the county schools. Social security card, driver's license, current negative TB test, state background check (possible FBI background check since I haven't lived here continuously for 5 years...grrrrr), etc. You know the drill. Then there is this little tidbit about training:

Subs must attend a two day training session. Topics for training include:
- Classroom Management Techniques (hey, I don't mind that, I am always willing to get some new/different ideas)
Teaching Strategies (uh...I covered that pretty thoroughly in college, thank you very much)
How to Read Lesson Plans (Are you freaking kidding me!? I have a MASTER'S DEGREE in Education, I think I can figure it out!) My mother summed it up really, she said, "We don't leave you lesson plans, we make you bring your own!" And they do! I think I am competent in this skill!


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