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August 26, 2005


Well, after Thursday's doctor's appointment I was (maybe am) a little depressed. There is no evidence of PCOS (which really is a yay, but it would be nice to know its not just me...something defineable). Anyway, my doctor went over all my test results. One word kept popping up. Abnormal. How I loathe that word.

Uterus size: abnormal
Left ovary: abnormal
Thyroid level: abnormal
Glucose level: abnormal

The doctor perscribed me glucophage: 500mg, 3 times a day. To me, that sounds like a lot. Of course my fasting glucose level was 203, which isn't good. However, I think it was weird. It's been much better since I have been watching what I have been eating. She wanted me to get into my family doctor right away. Well when I told her I didn't have one she marched herself right out to the family physican who shares her office and got me an appointment. In fact, before I left I had met the new doctor (also a woman and pregnant, due in October), gotten a glucose monitor, tested my sugar (144), and scheduled an appointment in September with the new doc. Talk about a whirlwind! I love my ob/gyn though, the family doc wasn't accepting new patients (of course not...being pregnant), but my ob/gyn got me in with her.

Great. So I went today for more thyroid testing (just in case the last numbers were a fluke). Then we deemed today E's Last Hurrah! Hubby and I went to the fair where we shared a gyro, french fries with cheese, and some iced tea. I did not share my hawaiian shave ice. We picked up Chinese for dinner and some cookies for dessert. If I ever see anymore food, I think I will gag. No more food.

Tomorrow I go back on my diet...and start on the glucophage. Yippee. Oh...and the original problem is back. ARGH!

As I told hubby this evening... this summer SUCKED. And I had such high hopes.


  • At 10:53 AM, August 27, 2005, Blogger Erin said…

    I totally understand what you mean about just wanting them to find something wrong with you. Ever since I began having these headaches, I've been desperate for some kind of diagnosis. You get to the point where you're almost disappointed that they can't find any problems with you. I feel you pain, hun! :)

  • At 7:42 PM, August 28, 2005, Anonymous Carrie said…

    I hope the glucophage helps and the new doctor is able to figure out what is going on. That seems like a whole lot of abnormal :-(

  • At 5:40 PM, August 29, 2005, Blogger H0kie Erin said…

    Thanks Carrie and Erin. :)


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