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August 07, 2005

Count down...

Dear Friends and Family,

Once again it is that time of year. Yes, it is the season of my birthday! Only 11 shopping days remain! Don't leave your shopping until the last minute. Afterall, this is a milestone birthday, the big 2-5. I don't feel that old, but the fact remains after I do the subtraction that is the number that keeps coming up.

I would also like to remind you of h0kieerin's Birthday Week of Fun. Yes, an entire week of celebration must be observed. Since the fair has decided to move a week later, a trip to the county fair will no longer be part of the festivities. We're all saddened by this loss. My birthday also no longer falls during college move in time, so there should be no danger of that late night "oops I forgot your birthday" phone call from mom.

In preparation here is a brief list of DREAM birthday gifts:
- anything Mickey Mouse (it's an addiction, I've accepted it)
- a digital camera (I'm dying for one...really)
- The Sims 2
- Gift certificates in general
- Another kitten...it can live in the garage, just like Socks! (Hey, Socks spent one night in the garage. He thinks "garage" living is pretty cushy)




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