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June 28, 2005

Cruise Overload

I am so sick of Tom Cruise! Ok, Tom, you are experiencing your midlife crisis with your relationship with Katie Holmes. Honestly, I don't care who you love. If you want to marry someone 18 years younger than you, GO AHEAD! It's America and you have the right to do that.

However, I cannot continue to be your fan. I am sorry. You know what, no, I am NOT sorry. I really enjoyed some of your movies. They're not half bad...but I will not be going to see another movie you are in for a long time. I respect your choice to believe in Scientology. I respect your right to practice WHATEVER kooky religion you want.

I do NOT respect your (uninformed...unresearched) views on psychiatry. SINCE WHEN do you have any kind of medical degree and/or medical training that allows you to discredit an entire field of medicine? SINCE WHEN do you know better than doctors and therapists that have spent YEARS in school? SINCE WHEN is it ok to attack other celebrities for being honest with their health!?

I applaud Brooke Shields for coming out with her story of post-partum depression. If she can help ONE woman
to not suffer the debilitating disease...ONE child get their mother back and not be neglected. How DARE you attack her? I agree that children are being diagnosed with ADD/ADHD too much...however, have you seen the BENEFITS of the medicine on the children that truly need it? I had a child this year call his Adderall his "smart pills" because they quieted his mind enough to be able to concentrate! He LOVED taking his medicine.

Speaking as the spouse of a depressed person you have no idea how wonderful a little pill has made my life. I got the person I love back. Before it was someone I didn't know or like very much. He didn't even like himself very much.

Walk a mile in my shoes Tom. Walk a mile in my husband's shoes. Walk a mile in Brooke Shields shoes. Walk a mile in the shoes of someone with rapid cycling bipolar disorder. Walk a mile in the shoes of someone with PTSD. Walk a mile in the shoes of a person with obsessive compulsive disorder. Deal with what these people deal with on a daily basis before you JUDGE them.

Shame on you, Tom Cruise. Shame. On. You.


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