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May 10, 2005


Mom came home from school today and announced their school would be hiring 2 teachers next year, instead of the 1 they thought they would be getting. We're still in the "fiscal emergency" mode next year so hiring and purchasing is going to be kept to a minimum. In fact, they are "suspending" 10 contracts.

I'm glad for her, because they don't need the big classes that losing a teacher would cause. On the other hand, for me, it sucks. I honestly don't stand a chance of being hired (at her school) while she is there and I understand and accept that. Plus, the way they are doing their looping eliminates me from the position. They teach 3rd and 4th grade looping. I am certified PreK-3 because that is the way STUPID OHIO has decided to do their licensing. As new people fill in positions, gradually they will phase out the K-8 certification. So, unless I want to go back and get licensed 4-8 (which I do not, because I do NOT want to be moved to middle school because I am certified and no one else is). Maybe I will call ODE and see what is required to get 4-8 certification. I need a job. I can adjust to middle school...right?

Honestly, the whole job situation just depresses me. I'm tired of subbing, I want my own room. Not to mention the fact that I find myself questioning...everything.

Can I have my own room? I have no idea how to plan a whole year.
What if I forget everything I learned in school?
(I feel it slipping away already)
What if I am a bad teacher?
What if my kids don't learn?
Maybe I haven't gotten a job because I don't interview well. What am I saying wrong?
Is it me?
Is it them?
Is it Ohio?
Should I start looking into another "career" (job)?
What if I end up in a minimum wage job for the rest of my life? I went to college, I don't want to work at Wal-Mart again.
Should we move?
(I REALLY don't want to)
How can we survive if we move?
Where else could I find free housing and family next door? Living here allows me to sub and still survive since hubby is just starting to get nibbles on jobs (since he changed careers).


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