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May 17, 2005

Work and family

Whelp, so far this week I am working 3 days out of 3 days (I am working tomorrow, so I am counting it now). I was supposed to do gym tomorrow from the gym teacher at my mother's school (he told her last week he was going to be "sick" Wednesday...lol). However, I am returning to the G/T class.

My "real" post for the night is concerning my cat, Oliver. First, let me preface my story with some general information. I have 3 cats:

Hokie (4 years)

Ollie (3 1/2 years)

Socks (1 year)

I also have

Lucy, the smartest beagle ever (yes, I'm a little biased)

It is also important to note that (for now) my pets are my furry children. I love them dearly.

So, last night we decided Ollie's eye was beginning to look like he had an eye infection (common with Persians). We had an appointment for today at 2, but I wanted to get him in that night. We managed to get a 9PM appointment with the vet that fixed Socksy. The vet on duty happened to be the one we saw when Socks and his brothers were sick (dying) and I hadn't cared for him then.

He checked Ollie over and didn't see too much inflamation around the eye. We were still concerned because he hadn't been eating or drinking for about a day and a half. So the vet checked the rest of him and discovered this mass that was about the size of a plum. That was his bladder. Ollie has bladder stones. The vet (who I really like now, btw) showed us a diagram and printed off information about the condition for us. He told us that while the procedures Ollie would require can become quite pricey (we're talking $500, ), the condition can ultimately result in death. He left the decision up to us. I didn't even think...FIX MY BABY!

The doctor wisked him off for emergency surgery. Needless to say, I was a mess. It's very unnerving to walk in with your animal and leave with him being prepped for surgery.

By the time we had driven home, there was a message from the vet. Ollie is...erm...unblocked :) and on IVs. They also put in a catheter. This evening the vet called back with an update. By morning, Ollie had pulled out his catheter...which means he is feeling better. They put him back under and put it back. He is currently recovering and doing well. They are keeping him for a few more days because his bladder was stretched and his bladder muscles need time to tone up. Reader's digest version...Ollie almost died, but he's recovering well. Me? I'm a mess. :)

And as the icing on the cake...they have decided not to continue publishing my Disney magazine. Talk about triggering a depression. I NEED MY DISNEY FIX!

I am off to watch the Academy of Country Music Awards...yippee!


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