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May 03, 2005

The week in review...

I made it through 9 days with the same kids. Now...I think of them with affection...mainly because I don't have to put up with their crap! Hehe.

Monday I worked across the hall from where I was the past 2 weeks, 4th grade math. I love this woman's class...what's not to love, she's regrouped the kids so that all the G/T and smart kids are in her class. It's truly a wonderful group. They pick up on the sarcasm. They're funny kids too. The highlight of the day...kids turned in $606 in Mathaton money...in addition to the $700 dollars Friday. Today she had $200 by 9AM. For a smaller school...it is a lot of money!

Today, I worked next door to my placement yesterday. Science/Social Studies. It was only half a day, so it was nice. Drove to school with the radio turned up, singing along with the radio...I'm sure I looked silly. But it was nice anyway.

Last night as we were leaving school, I see a student in a friend's class zooming up to the school on his bike. He parks said bike and enters school. Today when his teacher arrived there were stuffed animals (from her bottom file cabinet drawer) out, glue sticks on the floor, and candy missing. Money in her desk was not missing. Mom says we can't accuse said student. Uh, why not! He's a known theif and we watched him walk into the building last night. That's enough proof for me. Probably another good reason I am not a full time teacher...I'm still to snarky. I need more time for the system to beat me down.

In non-school news...spent money I didn't have at the store to get 3 movies. National Treasure (gooooood movie)...I spent the extra $5 to get a book. I am such a nerd. Pocahontas (to add to my Disney DVD collection). Again...I am such a DISNEY nerd. Random tangent...did I mention the paint color I like best for the living room is called Buzz Beta Sector (yes its a Disney paint color)...it will go with my Mickey's Pants color in the bathroom. I am SUCH a Disney nerd. Lastly, I bought The Phantom of the Opera (and the book). It was soooooooooooooo good. I was not disappointed and I set high standards!

Side note: (To anyone who was in the same theater as me when we went to see Phantom in theaters) I apologize for singing along with the movie at the top of my lungs...it's such beautiful music...I couldn't help myself!


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