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May 18, 2005

Teaching music?

So...I have finally found a teacher I do not like and do not really respect. In fact, I find it very hard to be nice to this teacher. (This is so not like me...I'm a nice person. I want everyone to like me and I want to like them.)

This person is a music "teacher". Why the quotes you ask? Because sometimes, I have a hard time believing she teaches sometimes. First and foremost, this person CANNOT play the piano. What kind of music teacher cannot play the piano? Even a little! I was in choir from 3rd - 12th grade and band from 5th - 11th grade and I can play enough piano to hammer out a melody for students to sing with. She cannot be backstage at her musical productions because, after all, SOMEONE has to be there to push PLAY on the CD PLAYER!

When she doesn't feel like teaching, she lets the kids color pictures of orchestra instruments. Today, they were watching a movie. Heck...why teach? Wow...they're learning a lot. During her "dance unit" she had them learn a dance in two lines. The dance consisted of 5 steps. As an eight year dance veteran, I was appalled. Where is the square dancing!? Where is the line dancing?! Where is the DANCING!? Doing boogie woogie fingers (index fingers in the air while you move your arms up and down) does NOT a dance make!

A big annoyance for me regarding this woman she is always early. If the kids get out of music at 10:50 and you are not waiting at the door at 10:45, she will walk them up the hall to your room. Mind you, the next class hasn't left and isn't waiting. TWICE on Monday she let the kids out early (like 5 minutes early!). Then, she has the GALL to tell me that I am early for lunch one day. Um, actually, I am on time. SHE was late coming to the cafeteria for her lunch duty. When I have lunch duty, I am there early. I resent losing my break time because she doesn't want to do her job!

She has instituted a new recorder policy. Students must return a signed practice sheet once a week. If they don't have it, they lose recess. Does she take responsibility for those students? No, it falls to the homeroom teacher (like they don't have enough to do). If you institute consequences, YOU take care of them. Furthermore, she screams at the children. Screams. I have no respect for someone who does this.

The music teacher at the other 2 schools does huge elaborate productions that drives everyone nuts...but she has high expectations and those kids are introduced to different musical influences. Not only do they do recorders, they play keyboards! SHE plays the piano. No one has to wait for her to push play on the cd player. She knows how to direct!!!

Hmm...maybe my standards are a little too high.


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