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May 20, 2005

Stop me if you've heard this one...

So...I have a unique situation (for me) and I need ideas.

Next Friday is the annual 4th grade field trip to Amish country. This is a *big deal*. The kids leave at 9 from school and return sometime after 7:30 (barring any delays). Since the social studies teacher, who knows all about this stuff, is a 3rd grade teacher, he is going with the kids. This means there will be a sub in his room (he's requested me...so I am hoping I get the job).

Here's the problem. I will have his kids ALL DAY. No, I am not a baby. I don't mind his kids all day. The thing is the other 3 teachers the students have will be gone on the trip. That means, no math, no reading, no composition. He is not equipped to teach any of these things. The other teachers on the team offered to send assignments for the students...but c'mon, its the last Friday of school. There will be 3 days of school left.

So...I need some ideas for activities I can do. I don't mind doing "work" but since teachers have closed out their grades, I don't want to do anything hard or complicated. I want them to have *gasp* fun. I was thinking some sort of writing activity, a reading activity, a math activity, a science/social studies activity, and a perhaps...a craft. Please don't make me resort to showing The Incredibles for the 3rd time this year (different classes, mind you).

Any suggestions? I'm getting desperate! :)


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