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May 10, 2005

Grinding nature into oblivion!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh....summer is finally here. For the time being!

Hubby and I were awakened at ten `til 8 by the Stump Man. Hooooooray! At 9 he arrived and ground our stumps (24 of them...15 were bushes), except the one I forgot. So, we'll have to deal with that. I'm such a goof.

Between the nice weather and the grinding of the stumps into oblivion I am in a good mood. I told hubby my new motto is "Grind nature into oblivion!" Don't be alarmed! I'm actually considering planting something this year but we will see. I did save some of the lillies of the valley that were in by some stumps. Gotta figure out where I am going to put them now. I also trimmed the two green bushes that we left. I may have gotten a TAD overzealous. Of course, I have another saying (that I get from my Grandpa), "If I trim it and it comes back, it was meant to live...er...be." :) I like pretty things (like any girl), but I want them to come back every year and not take much care. I just don't have the time or desire to keep up with them.

After we reduce the size of the beds and if I have the money, I am thinking:
  • Elephant Ears (MIL will bring the bulbs and they're soooooooooooooo cool looking)
  • Impatiens (probably white, since the house is red brick)
  • Lillies of the valley (transplanted)
  • Evening Primrose (MIL will bring and SO cool!)
  • Stella O'Dora Lillies (I have a bunch of these already in a flower bed by the back door...need to thin them out so they start filling in...MIL will help with that)
  • Zinnias (somewhere where they can fill in...they're so pretty)
I am thinking of planting boxwoods where they old bushes were. I know, I know..."you just got rid of the bushes". I got rid of the bushes because they were Japanese Yews. #1) I hate them. #2) They're extremely poisonous to animals. I live on a farm...HELLO!? Anyone know any other bushes that don't get very tall, but also provide some windbreak? I don't like evergreens, fyi. lol I also need a nice small tree for the corner of the house. Again, something small that grows SLOWLY.

Any suggestions of things I should/shouldn't try? Remember my rule, comes back every year (I want a few annuals though) and little upkeep. I live in Ohio so that should be taken into consideration too. Hehe.

Usually, Ginny is right about Tuesdays, but today is shaping up pretty good. Of course the day isn't over yet. :)


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