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April 01, 2005

A day with no meltdowns!

In my mom's school, there is a special class for students who need that extra help behaviorly. They have anger problems, motivation problems, etc. All in all, they are good kids, but they are the kind of kids that can cause chaos in a classroom. So they pull them out and put them in this special class where they focus on learning what skills they need to be a students. They are all on behavior contracts. It can be a very volatile room. The teacher for this room is great. I love her to death. She is smart and sassy and says what she thinks. She's also very kind and helpful. Like I said, I just love her. She's been a great mentor for me, especially last year when I was struggling in a Resource Room ("Special Ed").

So today she took her first (EVER) personal day. She has been telling me all week, "I'm not going to be here Friday, and you have to be here!" She trusts me with her kids. She has ever since I subbed for my mom last year when she was hospitalized. Her kids make me nervous, but I can handle them. I just don't make waves. All week, I knew I would be in her room. I rented the Incredibles for the afternoon (my bribe to keep them good in the morning) and I even brought popcorn. The day went very well...no melt downs. Yipee! And I didn't even feel tempted to swat a student with my crutch. (hehe)

Crutch? You say. Oh yes...I left that out didn't I? Yesterday, I pulled a stupid...as I often tend to do. I was walking (on the sidewalk, no less) to Subway to pick up lunch after renting the Incredibles (since I didn't work). On the sidewalk, there was a wheelchair ramp. Mind you, there was no handicapped space nearby. The ramp was unmarked and of course, I stepped in it wrong and hurt myself. I spent Thursday with my left foot up and my right knee up. I can barely walk. But there was no way I was letting this teacher down.

We found the crutches and I got up extra early. My husband helped me wrap the ankle and the knee just had to fend for itself. I looked mighty pathetic hobbling down the hall. I mainly needed the crutches for stability as neither leg was particularly stable and I didn't want to end up on the ground...again.

I am super teacher. I can even teach on crutches. ON APRIL FOOL'S DAY! Woohoo! See my dedication? Hire me!


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