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April 22, 2005

Christopher the Magician

Wow...five days with these children and everyone made it through alive. Well, one is on crutches, but she's alive. So she counts.

Highlights of the week include:

Obnoxious boy coming over and asking me if I had seen his ice cream paper. Ice cream paper? What's it look like? 10 minutes of irrelevant tangents later I realize. YES! I have seen that paper! He left it on the floor of my classroom the previous day and I told one of the kids to throw it away. Oops!


Being told "Screw you!" BEFORE 9AM...what a way to start the day.
Sweet but tiny little girl hurtling over a classmate and running into a wall in gym and possibly breaking a hip or thigh bone (femur?).

Having to return to my classroom during lunch recess (when I do not have duty) because someone bounced a ball REALLY high and knocked the hornet's nest down. DRAT!


Enjoying an assembly with Christopher the Magician what a fabulous show! I would HIGHLY reccommend him to anyone planning an assembly. The children LOVED him...the adults laughed until they cried. I hearby proclaim my new nickname for students to be: Captain Obvious!


Putting quite a bit of fear into one student. Here's the reader's digest version: she is in the other teacher's homeroom. They coincidently had a sub the last two days too. She gave Mrs. T a hard time all morning. Mrs. T finally sent her into the hall to finish her test since she was disturbing everyone. She proceeded to write: "I hate Mrs. T." all over her paper.

So when she comes to my room and it's "Oh Mrs! I didn't eat breakfast and I don't eat school lunch and I'm hungry. Can I go buy something out of the teacher's lounge?" Uh. HECK NO. "Oh Mrs...my tummy hurts...oh I'm so hungry..." You get the idea. This is the 2nd time this has happened.

At the end of the day, she asked Mrs. T if she was going to the evening assembly tonight. She said yes. The girl says. "Are you gonna tell my mom what I wrote?" BINGO...negotiating point.
Before bus dismissal I went next door and asked her if she was coming. She replied yes, so I said, "Oh good! Remind me to talk to your mom about your lunch stuff. I don't want you to be hungry when you are at school. It makes it really hard for you to concentrate and it's not healthy. I bet we can come up with something that works so it doesn't happen again." This look of horror comes on her face and she says, "OH NO! No! No!" I just left. It was dismissal afterall.

According to Mrs. T, she sat on the floor sobbing, "Mrs. is a tattletale!" (hehehehe) But before that child went to get on the bus, you better believe I got an apology for lying about the lunch thing. (Along with a, "Are you still gonna tell my mom?)

A little healthy fear goes a long way.


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