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April 20, 2005

The best laid plans...

So...Sunday night, I got a call for a Monday job. Before I could change my mind, I blurted out yes. Get back in the saddle. I'm happier after I work anyway. By the end of the phone call, I had the entire week lined up. Third grade (Monday), across the hall to 4th grade (Tuesday), down the hall to PE (Wednesday), and back up the hall to another 3rd grade (Thursday and Friday).

This would be my 3rd day in Monday's class. The teacher is still out. On one hand, I like being in the same room, it gives me some consistency. On the other hand, I like the variety. Oh, and I don't handle change well. So when I came to school Tuesday prepared to teach 4th grade and ended up back where I was...I was off kilter.

By the end of the week I may just lose my mind! These are nice kids...I've subbed for them several times before. It must be this time of year. They are positively hateful to each other. They are constantly doing little mean things. The best word I have for it is hateful. I lost count of the number of children who cried today due to someone else being mean to them.

Let's see...one girl hauled off and slapped a boy across the face because he was messing with her glasses and if he broke them her dad would ground her (her words) and have to pay $200...my question...


One boy wrote, "You're stupid" on his hand and was covertly showing it to people. I told him he could have his recess back when his hands were clean...... did I mention it was in permanent marker?

Yes...my classroom is home to the boy with the cleanest hands in 3rd grade.


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