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March 01, 2005

So...had a first time happening for me in almost 2 years of subbing.

District policy is that teachers must call the school before 2PM if they are planning to be back the following day. If the secretary doesn't hear from the teacher, they assume the the teacher will not be returning and they retain the sub.

Yesterday the secretary hadn't heard from the teacher I was in for. She was going to tell me to come back tomorrow, but to wait and hear from the sub caller to make sure. So this morning, on what should have been a snow day, I get called to go back for the teacher. The woman who calls people said she hadn't heard from the teacher so I should go back in. Fine, no biggie. I got dressed, packed my lunch, and started the slow drive to school.

When I arrived the secretary said the teacher was back. (I wasn't really surprised) According to the secretary, the teacher said she left a message on the caller's machine (she couldn't have...the woman who calls is very dilligent and wouldn't have called me if she had). So I went home. Talk about a waste of my time! It's very frustrating that I spent all that time getting ready and driving to school just to be turned away. I would like to think I would be paid for this day anyway...but I highly doubt it. I suppose it is one of the drawbacks of being a sub. Tomorrow is another day, I s'pose.


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