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March 08, 2005

Kindergarteners...oy vey

When I student taught...I taught kindergarten. I loved it! The kids were great, the teacher was the best. It was simply the best experience I could have had.

Then I moved to a different state. Kindergarten here MAKES ME CRAZY! First, they play allllllllllllll day. Yes, I know this is developmentally appropriate, but when I student taught, we did reading groups. We did math...we did science. Here: we have center time. We have "tub time". For the love of God! Let's do some real work.

I find myself incredibly frustrated when I sub in kindergarten. The kids don't listen. They shout over one another. They're mean to each other. If I finally resort to raising my voice, they talk louder. It's utter chaos. I've been told that if it is my class, things would be different...but I am not so sure. Of course, this is only the second year of full day, every day kindergarten. They are still learning.

Do I think one way is better than the other? Not really. However, the first graders here doing the same work the kindergarteners did when I student taught is alarming. The 1st graders seem to "get" the information better. So maybe they are ready for it. I just hope when I get my own classroom (I'll take any grade at this point) I can be an effective teacher. I want to be a good teacher, not just a teacher. I want parents to request their child be put in my class.

I want to make a difference!


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