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March 29, 2005

Kindergarten thoughts...

I was totally expecting a day off today, considering "they" (the administration...a.k.a. "the man") are trying to crack down on teachers missing AND the fact that staff gets docked pay if they miss the day before or the day after an extended vaction, but alas, my phone rang bright and early this morning. TSC was her chipper self and asked how my break was (I really like her but I wouldn't want her job...it must be tough) and if I was available to sub today. I stuck with my Spring Break resolution to say yes to all jobs offered. I need to become the dedicated sub I was last year...not the slacker I have become this year.

Against my better judgement, I accepted a kindergarten job for today and a 3rd grade placement tomorrow (which I was requested because it's a teacher in my mom's hall :)) So, I get to school and the teacher has general plans, but nothing ready. She wasn't expecting to be out. Hey, I can handle this. There is a pile of papers on her desk, I assume the neccessary papers are in the pile and begin leafing through them. Around this time the phone rings...grrr. It's the teacher (yay!). I get her plans and she gives me a little more direction. We're cookin' with gas now! By the time I get off the phone it is almost time for the rug rats to get there. So I race to the bathroom, knowing it may be my last chance for the morning!

Bathroom crisis successfully averted, I go back to the room to get the papers I will need for the day ready. Kids start trickling in. Hey! They remember me, yes, I've been here before. We get all the necessary morning things done and jump into our day. I'm in the groove...we're clicking. As I'm having them color their Humpty Dumpty's I look at the clock. All right...10:20, only 20 more minutes until P.E. Or was P.E. at 10:50...I can't remember. Quick to the Bat-desk to consult the plans. SHOOT! P.E. starts at 10:10...we're late! So the kids drop everything and we scurry down the hall to the gym. I apologize profusely to the P.E. teacher (a.k.a. the gym teacher) and take the little boy complaining of a stomach ache to the office.

Upon entering the office, the secretary has an urgent matter to discuss with me in the workroom. (Uh oh Robin...something is amiss) Long story short, "sick little boy" is actually "scared of the gym teacher" little boy. Poor thing. So we send him off to P.E. but call mom because he uses the amazing buzz word for illness that has the secretary covering her tush (hint...it's a side effect of illness that begins with d...and sparks an "ewwww" reaction). Mom says, she'll be up to talk to him. I figure I might as well start gathering "sick boy"'s stuff...he's going home. Mom appears about a half hour later and takes her son into the hall to talk to him. Next thing I know, Sick Boy's mom is there saying, "I'm going to take him home...he knows the result for not really being sick." I nod and say ok...all the while thinking..."Yeah...sure". But as it doesn't make a difference to me, I'm happy.

The rest of the day went well with no problems. I'm beginning to think it is the class that I don't like. Not kindergarten itself. Today was fun! Heck, I could do it every day. There was no one shouting over each other or at me to be heard. The kids, for the most part, took turns and got along.

Maybe kindergarten isn't so bad afterall.


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