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March 05, 2005

Good end to the week

Whelp, after taking my own personal snow day on Wednesday I worked Thursday and Friday in the same class. It was a first grade class in the school where my mom works. I enjoy first grade...teaching it wouldn't be bad. I honestly would have to have some adjusting time for kindergarten. Kindergarten here is too much playing for me. In Virginia, kindergarten was like first grade here. Best story of the experience is one of the aides from the upper hall came in to distribute candy canes to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday/Cat in the Hat Day (which was Friday).

She walked in and said, "Who am I?"
Most of the kids shouted, "The Cat in the Hat" but one lone little boy shouted..."The Cat in the Hat's GIRLFRIEND".

Oh, I laughed...

In other news, I am worried about one of mom's kids. He has the potential to be such a sweet, loving child. I can see it in him. But he has no support from home. Last year, he could barely read. This year, after 2 years of tutoring (thank God for Successmaker) he is finally showing some promising signs of reading. He's not on grade level, but he has come so far.

Once he goes to middle school...I know he is going to slip through the cracks. He has little to no home support, which hampers his reading. He lives in a tough neighborhood, where he has to be tough to survive. He bullies other children...which makes me so angry with him. He could be such a sweet kid. He falls asleep in school, partly because he doesn't get enough rest and partly to escape work that is difficult for him. I find myself wishing he had a better home life (I wish this for a lot of the students I meet)...a parent that helped him and supported him like I had supporting me. He could be at the top of his class...instead of floundering at the bottom. As a wise teacher once told me...some parents live by the saying, "we'll have them (kids), you raise them". How sad. Its not fair to the kid.


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