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March 30, 2005

A Day in 3rd Grade

I honestly enjoy this 3rd grade class. I've had them...wow...about 10 times. It doesn't hurt that the teacher likes me too. He says nice things about me and I get to hear about them later.

Brief background, he is a former student of my grandmother's (who my mother claims he just adored). He's worked with my mom for over 15 years (and he likes her too). Now, he gets me, 3rd generation. :) All in all, he's a nice man and a great teacher. I love going to his room.

Today was no different. Even though I really didn't "get" the gravity of the paper towel experiment. We did it anyway. We discussed it. Mind you, I am not a science teacher. I was not prepared for this discussion, but I winged it and made the most of it. After we discussed as much as I could figure out...I still had 20 minutes of the 30 minute period. Egads! So we went on to the next readings in his plans. Luckily they were talking about land forms. As they read the landform (mountain, valley, canyon, plateau, etc) I had the kids write the vocabulary word on the board and draw a picture of it. Hopefully, that will help them remember.

The rest of the day went pretty seamlessly. I love the school. I love the teachers. I just have a good day when I am there. I'd love to work there, but I doubt that will happen until my mom retires the year after next, if at all.

Nothing for tomorrow yet...who knows, I may work every day this week. Then again, probably not.


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