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March 28, 2005

Another Spring Break come and gone

Well, it seems another Spring Break has come and gone.

I had an exciting week. My mom and I cleaned the basement. Woohoo, you might reply sarcastically. Here's the thing. The basement hadn't been cleaned for a while...a long while. This includes several years when there was no one living here and the mold had grown everywhere. There was yellow mold and black mold everywhere. We scrubbed just about every surface in that finished basement. I don't think we got all the mold...but we got a lot.

In addition to the mold, there was a lot of trash down there. Three rooms of it to be exact. Plus carpeting that had to be disposed of because it had gotten wet. We filled a 20yd dumpster (which is 22ft. long, 8 ft. wide, and 4.5ft. deep). It was an amazing amount of junk! We also pulled out my grandmother's old bottle collection. There were hundreds of them! Hopefully this summer, my uncle will find someone to see if any of the bottles are worth anything and then we can dispose of them forever.

Tomorrow is the first day back. I don't think I will work because staff gets docked if they miss the day right before or after a break, but there is always that chance. Tomorrow it is back to the grind. I find my emotions a bit mixed. I don't want to work...but I feel better when I do.


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