Random Notions and Stories of Teaching

February 28, 2005

Good day --- but still sporting a snow pony!

I love G/T days. First, the schedule is a breeze. Sure, I have lunch duty, but I also have an hour for lunch. Woohoo. Second, the kids WANT to be there! Lastly, the kids "get it" They want extra work, they want advanced work!

Today was good. I always enjoy looking around the G/T room to see what activities she does with her kids. I don't think I will ever be able to use the exact activities she has, but I can surely adapt them to fit an older classroom.

Don't know if I am going back tomorrow...the teacher didn't call in. Hopefully, I will know something tonight....ACTUALLY, hopefully tomorrow will be a snow day and it won't matter.

That's right....I am sporting my snow pony. BRING ON THE SNOW DAY!

February 25, 2005


Didn't work at all this week. Argh! Sometimes it stinks to be a sub!