Random Notions and Stories of Teaching

November 01, 2006


Blogger will finally allow me to fiddle with the template in their Beta version so I am moving my blog. So, as I said long ago...I'm moving!

I'm incredibly creeped out by all the dooce-ing I've been reading about over the past few months and I've decided I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Once I figure out how to move all my posts from here to there, I will do that.

However, today will be my last day posting here. -

Should you want the address to my new blog, please email me at:


Thanks, honey

While I taught first grade for a week, I dealt with runny noses, upset tummies, and one barfer I was thrilled when I made it to Friday without even a hint of a sniffle. Ha ha! Score one for me!

Monday, two days before the team dinner, I felt a cold coming on strong. I took A.irborne faithfully and actually felt the cold symptoms going away. By Wednesday I was symptom free and off the A.irborne. Whoopie!

Thursday, I was sick. Sore throat, coughing, congestion - just plain ick. I made it through my two days of teaching last week hopped up on D.ayquil and sugar. When I'm sick I don't want to be touched or looked at. Just leave. me. alone. Hokie Hubby is really good about this. He brings me tissues and sleeps in the spare bedroom. I couldn't ask for more.

Finally, yesterday, I was starting to feel better. Minimal hacking and blowing my nose makes me happy. Last night, after I made chicken enchiladas I told Hokie Hubby that I wanted some ice cream. Off we went to the store! On our way home HH stated he was tired and would probably come home and take a bath.

Me (jokingly): Maybe it's mono, honey.
HH (rolling his eyes): No, it's not mono.
Me (alluding to the lack of...uh...action lately): You're right, there's no way you could have caught mono in the past few weeks.
HH: Gee thanks! The first thing I did when I got home was give you a kiss.
Me: Yeah! On the cheek! That's not how mono is spread.
HH: Well, I did sleep in bed last night...maybe I caught it from the runoffs of your drool pillow.
Me: ...................shut up.

October 31, 2006

To apply or not to apply

The prospect of moving mid-year is hard for me.

Do I apply for current vacancies in the district where we "may" be moving?
Do I attempt to get my Georgia teaching license?
Do I just wait until Hokie Hubby actually gets offered a graduate assistantship and then start scrambling to get a job?
Do I resign myself to subbing in a brand new state until the end of this school year?
Do I get a job at Wal-Mart to supplement the subbing and hope that is enough to pay the bills?

There are a few teaching positions posted on the district website. I've applied for them, but I don't really think I will be following them up until we start hearing something out of HH's possible position. I can't see going through the entire hiring process, accepting a job, and then moving to Georgia if Hokie Hubby isn't going to be a graduate assitant. It just doesn't seem right to move somewhere just to possibly have to move again within a few months. In fact, it sounds downright crazy to do that.

Suggestions? Anyone?

October 30, 2006


Saturday was probably Hokie Hubby's last game at The College. The girls didn't know. Only Head Coach, Hokie Hubby, and I knew. They won, which was wondeful.

Hokie Hubby has thrown himself into finding a GA position (graduate assistant). That way he can coach and the college/univeristy will pay for him to get a master's degree. For us, it's really the best of both worlds. He's made his interest known to several schools in the area as well as one in Georgia.

The Georgia head coach has already contacted him several times with additional information or questions. It's a nibble, but it's been all good so far. The pay would be $500 less than HH is making now, but he would get paid for 2 semesters instead of the August to December contract he has now. So it's actually a raise. The other big "pro"s are several teaching job postings in the area and the fact that one of HH's best friend's from high school lives nearby. We wouldn't be totally alone.

Yes, I'd have to move away from my family and friends, but I'm actually feeling cautiously optimistic about this one. Provided we can find housing where we can bring Hokie, Ollie, Socks, and Lucy - I'm all for it. It's time to start LIVING!

Fingers crossed that whatever is supposed to happen, happens.

October 27, 2006

Right out of a book

Ever had a day that seemed like it came right out of storybook? I had one of those days today.

I had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day*.

So awful it prompted not only a trip here but a stop here (for the first time, ever) on the way home.

A little black forest dream makes it all better.

* Name that book! ( I'm so challenging. )

October 26, 2006


They came.
They ate.

They left.

I'm constantly amazed at the amount of food these girls eat. Skinny little rails walking past me with two (2!) plates of food. We had enough food for everyone with a little left over for Hokie Hubby and I. Not a lot, thank goodness, but enough for us to have dinner.

It's difficult to actually grasp the idea of 34 people in your house. It didn't hit me until a line of girls started walking in the door. The line just kept coming! Luckily, we had seats for everyone and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Thank goodness for my "giant furniture" as my mother-in-law calls it.

Halfway through dinner, Hokie Hubby decided to go find our boys to see if anyone wanted to come out and at least be seen running through the living room. Hokie and Socks were no where to be found. They are EXCELLENT at Hide and Seek. Ollie ran into the living room to get away from Hokie Hubby. He reached about the middle of the room before he frozen in horror. You could almost hear his little kitty thoughts. "What the --!? Who ARE these people?" He then booked it for the patio where it was dark and quiet. Poor kitty.

Finally, all of the girls were extremely polite. Several etook their camera phones into the bathroom so they could take a picture of my bathroom. Now that's what I call good decorating. I received 32 "thanks for having us"'s as they came through the door and 32 "thank you, everything was so good"'s as they left. This could definitely become an annual event. I actually enjoyed it. Even though I didn't manage to smuggle a barn cat home with anyone.


October 25, 2006


Tonight is the night. The bitches, I mean, team is coming to dinner tonight.

I suppose calling them all bitches is a little to mean. There are only a few I do not like. Rationally, I don't have a reason to dislike any of them. HOWEVER, like my husband, I am an extremely loyal person. Some of these ladies (and I use the term "ladies" loosely) have been so nasty and awful to Head Coach that it taints my vision of them. I'm sure they're perfectly nice girls - when they're not being spoiled brats.

No matter what, I will be the ultimate hostess. My mother and grandmother taught me well. I will smile and be accommodating. I won't be thinking nasty thoughts about girls who are too big for their britches and think they know it all. I won't think of the two facedness of a particular player and while what she is saying to my face might be kind, what she will say when she gets back on the bus probably won't. Most of all, I won't be mentally comparing myself to them in all their collegiate-athlete beauty. I won't do it. Ok...I won't tell anyone I'm doing it, but I will be.

The house is clean thanks to Hokie Hubby's help. He's been my party slave for the past few days. The food is pretty much done. I'll wait until later to put out the last minute things that need to be refrigerated. Hokie Hubby is going to call me when they are about 15 minutes away, so I can whip off the furniture covers, scatter the boys, and do last minute things.

Thanks to everyone for their cleaning suggestions. I'm proud of how my house looks.

Wish us luck! Oh, and pray that they win. It'd be nice to actually celebrate this evening instead of sit through tense silence.

October 23, 2006

Welcome to the 2000s

The Hokie House is finally entering the new millenium. That's right people, we *finally* got DVR. As of about 10 minutes ago to be specific. We haven't been watching our movie as much lately (mainly Saturday nights to see the new movie of the week) so I asked Hokie Hubby what he thought about getting rid of the movie channel and getting DVR. Everyone I've talked to about DVR just raves about it. He agreed to try it out. So I called today, cancelled the movie channel, and drove 20 miles to pick up a new box and remote (thus saving myself the $25 service call and the waiting).

Can't wait to test this puppy out. Woohoo!

It is also important to note that Socks has entered the stage where he is highly embarrassed by his parents. The following picture was his response to my DVR euphoria.